Friday, 9 November 2012

OK, so this is exciting!


No, no, it really is....

Sometime in the next week or so, we are going to have a rather special pattern for sale.  Many of you, I'm sure will be familiar with Rae Hoekstra and her amazing blog, Made By Rae.  Rae has been selling the PDF pattern for her sensational Washi Dress for a while now but we are so excited to say we're going to be selling the paper pattern - hooray!!

photo by Rae Hoekstra

The Washi Dress has developed a bit of a cult following, which is totally no surprise as it's the most flattering and infinitely versatile pattern we here at HQ have seen for years!  If you use Rae's Flickr link or blog you can see a gazillion Washis in an amazing array of fabrics.  The iconic 'U' cut-out gives this dress its distinctive neckline but it can be changed to suit its wearer.  I made one recently (I'll post the picture later) and decided to change the neckline as I already have the top with the 'U'. It's such a lovely pattern to work with - for those with relatively little sewing experience it's a simple, straightforward project and it's a cinch for the seasoned stitcher.

photo by Rae Hoekstra

The paper pattern does not include the long sleeved version shown here but you can download the pattern piece for free from Rae's site.  Click here for the link.

Other news......

New habby bits and bobs

Next week is going to be quite a busy one at HQ.  Not only are we expecting our Washi Dress paper patterns to arrive (if customs are nice to us, that is - it's coming from The States!) but we will also have some new haberdashery bits and bobs.  We've gone a bit pompom and ricrac mad here of late and felt it only polite to share!  Also, we've got some beautiful Christmas themed ribbons coming, so watch this space and the website for photos and details.

Christmas shopping, anyone?

HQ are going to be at the Make Believe Cafe
in Berkhamsted on Sunday 18th November 10.30-3pm
where we'll have some lovely fabric stacks
for sale amongst other things. If you haven't been to the Cafe yet, you must go, especially with kids - they will love you forever!

A Little Bird Told Me Gallery
. . . and then on 24th and 25th November (10-4pm both days) we'll be at the Courtyard Christmas Fair in Wendover, organised by the amazing Melanie at the A Little Bird Told Me Gallery.  Check out the gallery for gorgeous contemporary artwork as well as unique, handcrafted gift ideas.

Come join us if you're nearby and start your Christmas craftiness in style!

Last but not least ....

Oh, and don't forget our Roar! bundle giveaway over at Sew Scrumptious - just a few days left to enter!!



  1. Ooh I love that washi dress! I might have to have a go at making that. Let me know when the patterns are in. About time I made something for myself!! x

  2. Yes it's a rarity isn't it? This one's definitely worth the make!