Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Duvet Cover Fabric Offer

It seems that the single duvet cover I made for Noah last week is proving rather popular (see the Happy New Year blog entry).  I've been asked which of our fabrics would be well suited to making duvet covers for kids and, other than the brilliant Summersville collection, here's a list for your perusal.  Seeing as these seem so popular, we thought we'd entice you further by dropping the price of all the fabrics listed below to a bargainous £3.00 per quarter.

Don't forget, you can use our super wide calico as a backing for your single duvet cover. At a whopping 228cm wide, it's perfect for this project. So now it's even easier to create your very own easy peasy new duvet cover and to give your little one very happy start to the new year!

Windy Day
The Simple Life

Flirty Flowers

Scoot Green Trains
Small Tops

Small World Floral

A Pirates Life
Ships Ahoy!


Happily Ever After

Mermaids At Play

Gumbals First Day At School Day
Farm Blocks

Dino Trek

Gone Fishin'!

Go By Bike

Circus Train

Pirate Girls

Pirate Mateys


Bright Village
Tweetie Pie
If you do make a single duvet cover using Cat Taylor's tutorial, do let us know how it goes - we'd love to hear from you!

Happy sewing!

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  1. Hi. I found you guys today via google, and ordered some fabric. I would love scraps of fabric as I often have smaller projects, also some heavier fabrics as I love making bags/ makeup bags from this. Also would love more slightly thicker chiffon as I make spring/summer scarfs. As you said in your blog about putting extra sewing tips and ideas are always helpful. Thank you. Fran.