Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hello, Les Amis!

We were literally jumping up and down with joy when we opened the box containing our newest collection - Les Amis by Patty Sloinger.
We are so excited to have this collection in at last - my head is swimming with ideas as to what to make with it: 
 Faux Bois would make an amazing tree for a height chart (using Lil' Meadow for the leaves!). . .

 bags . . .
curtains . . .
children's clothes . .
cushions . . .


I can even see that one or two would lend themselves beautifully to a Washi dress (but then again, I now see Washis in almost every fabric we get in!)
So you see that Patty Sloniger has done it again - Les Amis is yet another gorgeous collection from this very talented designer. If you fancy, drop us a line to let us know what you'd make with it.
Come back tomorrow to see more of this circus inspired fun little corner tent - great for the kids to hide in- even better for hiding all their junk, toys!

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