Sunday, 2 February 2014

Ripley's Back!!!

No, not another instalment of the Alien Franchise but OUR Ripley, our Amazonian, fabric loving friend.  Very much like her namesake, she has been hibernating through the worst of the winter weather - but now she's back!

It was pretty darn cold when she made her first appearance of 2014 last weekend, so we did our best to keep her warm with one of Mel's lovely crocheted hats (thanks, Mel)... and didn't it go nicely with her outfit?  We wrapped her nice and snugly in many a layer of fabric and as usual, your mission, if you choose to accept, is to name that fabric.  She's got a lot on this week so to be specific, we're looking for the name and designer of the fabric she's wearing shawl-like, draped around her shoulders.
Sorry you've missed this month's Ripley's Challenge - we'll be back for another soon!
Now time for Ripley's Challenge.  Go visit our website and tell us which fabric she is sporting.  In order to enter you need to do two things:
1 - add a comment on the post telling us what you'd make with this fabric, or alternatively, what's on your sewing table that week.
2 - tell us the name of the fabric in an email sent to
Whatever you do, DO NOT mention the name of the fabric on your comment on the post - sort of defeats the whole object, doesn't it?

We'll then pick a winner at random next week and send you a fat quarter of a fabric of your choice. Et Voila! Easy peasy way to build your stack.

So, this week Ripley is mainly wearing ...... (shhhh - just in an email - remember!)


  1. On my sewing table this week is a big bean bag and with this fabric I think I would make a nappy stacker for my grandson.


  2. On my sewing table this week is a skirt I'm making for my sister, who has just returned to Australia after an extended seasonal visit. I was hoping to have it finished for her to take back with her - oops! :) I'd love to make another skirt with the fabric in the picture. It'd look so fresh under sunny Aussie skies.

  3. On my sewing table this week is a quilt top waiting to be basted and quilted, and a pile of cut pieces ready to be made into a quilt top. I need to make a quilt for a friend's new baby, but I think her big sister would feel left out if I didn't make one for her as well.

  4. On my sewing table this week is a baby quilt for my new niece Isabella!
    Another baby is expected in June so another baby quilt is on my list!

  5. On my sewing table this week are blocks for Little Island Quilting BlogSpot charity quilt for Mexican orphans. Think Ripley looks great!

  6. \on my sewing table is a 'Trip around the world' quilt top, waiting to be basted and quilted. I've got to iron the freshly washed backing fabric first though.

  7. I would use this fabric to make a lovely laundry bag for my daughter to help her clear her floordrobe.

  8. On my sewing table this week is a pleated purse with a curved frame. I've made 3 mock ups to perfect the pattern now im onto the prototype. That's 72 pleats and counting 'phew'

  9. Oooo I think I would make a reusable shopping bag - I totally need one of those!!!

  10. Carol Perrins of Bumblefrills
    On my sewing table this week is a pair of baby's frilly pants with matching top.