Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Sewcial #2

We all had a great time last night and got so much done – it was a hive of activity! 
Much whirring of machines...

... and thoughtful pondering over patterns was observed...

...not to mention the metres of bias being made!

 Cushions ...

... and crochet.

Dresses for little girls ....

... and dresses for grown up girls!


What - time to go already??? Don't worry, we're back again soon.
Next month come to the Sewcial and learn a nifty little way of inserting an invisible zip!
Bye bye - See you all on 1st April!



  1. Thanks Rae and Jacqui, last night was really fun and the chocolate cake was an added bonus! See you next time

  2. Another great evening and learn how to make bias binding into the bargain! Echo the cake comment above - delish!


  3. Thank you for hosting, it was great. The chocolate cake was delicious!

    I finished the top I was working on last night - it looks fab!

  4. Yay! Glad you all had a good night out and that the chocolate cake was a success - I really shouldn't use you all as a guinea pig for a new recipe. Must wear the top when you pop into the shop sometime soon, Sam. Need to see it finished. See you all next month, if not before! Rae