Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Stepping out of my comfort zone

I am very excited! On Friday I am well and truly stepping out of my comfort zone and starting an applique quilting class. Yes, I could have picked up a book and got the hang of it myself.  But there is something rather lovely about learning a new skill alongside others.  Something about a shared experience that you just can't get by sitting at home on your tod. I'm lucky to have Plain Stitch practically on my doorstep and those of you who have read this blog before will know that Deb of Plain Stitch is going to hold 'taster' classes at HQ's new home in Wendover.  Deb's Modern Applique Course is a bit longer - taking in 9 classes over 7 months - one class per block.

It's something I've always wanted to do and I have made a few quilts before, but they've always been machine pieced and then hand tied.  Yes, I know it's cheating but it's QUICK! You still get a gorgeously colourful and snuggly quilt but in a fraction of the time. I am, to those who know me, renowned for my impatience.  Mum can spend a couple of years (actually I think her record is 5!) happily picking up a quilt as and when and patiently, lovingly, hand-quilt it with beautiful, minuscule, even stitches - and I get that, I really do.  The satisfaction in the knowledge that you have made something beautiful totally by hand in this on-demand, shortcut world in which we live is immense.

But I well and truly live in that world and although I can accept that nature intends for me to wait 6 months for my parsnips to sweeten up, I cannot accept that the thing of beauty I want in my life has to take that long to create when my Janome is calling, no - screaming to me, that I could have it next week!
Well, I am attempting to become a changed woman.  I'm not saying I will give up on being a quick-fix queen - dedicated to her machine; I have far too many things that I need and want to sew - like the roman blind my husband begs for every morning after getting out of the shower!  But I have decided that this one is for the long haul.  I'm going to make this quilt COMPLETELY by hand! Yes, completely!  And now I've said it here, I've got you lot to answer to if 'Ms Impatient Maker' decides to make a Mr Hyde-like appearance.

I'm thinking of using some of these fabrics. . .

I want this quilt to be nice and bright as it's eventually going to go on the  trampoline dilapidated sofa in the kitchen where the boys spend most of their play time.

So, do we want to take bets on how long it will take me to finish it?  My guess is that you will have to be reading this blog in a year's time to find out for sure!

It's lovely to hear from you - let us know about your own quilting experiences and any thoughts on the totally by hand way versus quick fix machining!

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  1. Ok, rub it in why dont you!! Perfection takes time you know. I promise that Will's quilt wont take quite that long to finish :) x