Monday, 13 May 2013

Exciting Heather Ross News! Plus Ode To Orla Update

Oh, how exciting to be able to tell you that we have Heather Ross' new Briar Rose collection as a pre-order on the website!

This long awaited new collection celebrates summer, sunshine and lazy days spent amongst the clover. I cannot WAIT to get my hands on it! We are expecting it to hit HQ sometime in July/August but we think this one is going to be a hit so, to pre-order click here.


Applique Update

Ode to Orla is the name of the first block in my new quilt project.  In my previous post I explained how I am stepping out of my comfort zone and going 'sans machine' for the entirety of this project - terrifying, I thought!  But actually, this applique lark is proving really addictive! 

So here's my little stash of fabrics.  I may not use them all - and have already added others, but I love the really bold feel of these super-bright playschool colours.  It has already been nicknamed 'The CBeebies Quilt' in our house.

Anyway, this was my 'Ode to Orla (not a leaf in sight yet!) on Tuesday at the first ever Wendover Sewing Bee where I actually got some sewing done.

It was quite embarrassing to have to take it at this stage along to our second class on Friday - especially when there were some in the class who had totally completed theirs and were raring to go on the second.  But I was comforted by the fact that I wasn't the only one to have made little progress and assured by Deb that it would all come together (and besides, our next class isn't for a few weeks now!)
With this in mind I thought I ought to get my finger out.  So here it is after a quiet hour in the shop on Saturday, thanks to the horrendous thunderstorm that was the weather in Wendover on Saturday afternoon .. hailstones .... HUGE ones!  In May! Very odd weather.
Doesn't look much different, huh? I know - but there is quite a bit of progress, honest! For one, I swapped two of the little circles round (did you notice?) and also a lot more has actually been sewn on and not just basted.  Deb taught us how to do traditional needle tuck applique on Friday - I am tempted to have a go - but perhaps on the next block.  I'm too pleased with the progress on this one to go flub it up at this stage!

So - progress on the 'totally by hand' thing? I don't think I'm totally ditching my 'Impatient Maker' moniker, but I definitely am ENJOYING this! 

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