Wednesday, 23 October 2013

On the fourth day of Christmas ...

... we made for our little ones ....

Cloud Cushions!

These look fab bunched together on a bed or lined up on a shelf.  The perfect project for today - the weather being what it is. 

So, how to make these ....

1. take your piece of fabric and fold in half or cut an place good sides together if the pattern has a right way up.  Otherwise you'll end up with one side upside-down - not a good look!
2. draw a cloud onto a piece of paper, cut out and lay onto your fabric with at least 1cm around the edges (this will form your seam allowance).
3. Draw around your template...
4. ...then pin the two halves of your fabric together.
5. Cut around the line leaving your 1cm seam allowance all the way round.
6. Sew around the line ...
7. ... but leave a  7-10cm gap in the middle of the bottom.  Backstitch well to secure at the beginning and end of the stitched line.
8. snip along the curved seam allowance so that the fabric sits nicely when turned right-way-round. 
9. Be especially careful to snip into (but not over the stitching!) the inverted corners to get these bits nice and pointy. 
10. Turn in the right way and give it a good press. Take care when pressing under the open seam allowance at the bottom so that you get a nice straight bottom! 
11. Stuff with your favourite stuffing (we LOVE wool balls) and handstitch the gap at the bottom.  You now have your first cloud cushion!
These look brilliant in little clusters. Never really understood Wordsworth's 'I wandered lonely as a cloud' - in my experience, the real things very seldom hang about on their own - so why should yours?  Grab some contrasting or complimentary fabrics and whip up a stormy sky scene of your very own.  Great presents for kids (just think about how much space two or three of these would take up in their stockings!) and so quick to run up it almost feels like cheating.  In fact, the longest part is getting them nicely stuffed - long but strangely satisfying....
We used Lotta's Ruta navy, Amy Schimler's Birds in Flight but they would also look amazing in any of these, to name but a few.

On with your Christmas making, peeps - only 9 weeks to go!


  1. Great tute, thanks! Please tell me more about stuffing them with wool though, do you use yarn? Specialist wool stuffing?

  2. Hi Lindsay, we use these Wool Balls which are apparently a by-product from the felt making industry. They give a lovely, firm finish and are a totally natural material. The fact that they are such tiny pieces means stuffing into all those little corners is easier than if you were using a wadding, for instants. Hope that helps! Rae