Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Our warmest thanks go to Steve and Sandra of Sewfine who joined us at this month's Sewcial and gave us the lowdown on what we should be doing in order to keep our machines in tip-top condition.  I think there's going to be a run on machine oil after their advice!

It was also the busiest Sewcial we've had to date!  So sorry to those we just couldn't fit in. It really does seem to have gone quite bonkers of late.  It's brilliant to think that so many people are wanting to get together with others and sew and we wish we could fit you all in every time but alas, we do have a limited amount of space.

We've decided that the fairest way to do things is to put places at the Sewcial on the website as per our workshops. That way we can hopefully avoid people turning up on the night only to be told that we're already full.  The next Sewcial is just a week away on Tuesday 3rd June. We kick off at 7.30pm at St Anne's, Wendover. We'll let you know when we've put it up on the website so you can go book your place.

This month, as usual, we had all sorts of loveliness going on. In between getting tips from Steve and Sandra, there were fantastic fabric birdies being cut out ...

... and appliqued.

Cute little whirlygigs being hand stitched....

... and Sophy got to grips with overlockers.

 Phone armchairs were weighted...

 ... and hair was flicked!

 Sashes stitched...

  ... and lots of cake was consumed whilst contemplating patterns.

Tailor tack techniques shared...
 ... yet more patterns cut out...

... quilts and skirts, a knight's costume and dresses and toys made - what else?  A whole lot more else, that's what! Blimey you guys can sew - and chat - and drink tea. So it looks like The Sewcial's here to stay, I'd say.

Right, off to meet Emma for the last of our current sewing program (zips at the ready, ladies!) but don't worry, we've got some other lovelies lined up for you over the next couple of months including our little girl's Pinafore dress class on Saturday 14th June and our Anna dress workshop beginning Tuesday 15th July.  Details of those and more to follow very soon but do shout if they sound interesting.


Don't forget Ripley's challenge for May - see here to enter and win some fabric - Competition closes this Sunday 1st June!

Cheerio for now.

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